Talking therapies

There are many types of talking therapies or therapist approaches to psychotherapy:

  • individuals, couples or group
  • specific, integrative or eclectic
  • behavioural, psychodynamic or humanistic
  • long-term or short-term
  • directive or non-directive

The jargon may be very off-putting but I believe that this variety of therapies represents the complexity of human minds. There is no room for a ‘one fits all’ approach in psychotherapy.

I would encourage everyone looking for support in the form of counselling or psychotherapy to read around before deciding on which therapy to try and, by all means, feel free to experiment with different therapies and therapists.

You can find some information on person-centred counselling and cognitive-behavioural therapies on my website. For more information on talking therapies please visit the following pages:

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